Connor MacIvor was born in a small city in the Midwest with aspirations of being a Big City Cop.

Paris MacIvor grew up in a major metropolis overseas and had aspirations of living in the United States.

Both Connor and Paris met while Connor was On Duty with the LAPD, a brand new rookie cop. Paris was a waitress, working her way through college at Bakers Square Restaurant in North Hollywood CA.
about REMAX's Paris911 Team of Agents

Three months later they were married.  That was July of 1991.  Today they have two boys and live in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Full time in real estate since 1999 – They operate a successful real estate business and have been in the prestigious REMAX’s Top 10 for the past several years.

When they purchased their home, their Realtor was less than honest.  In fact, they were taken for quite a ride.

We are exceptionally blessed to have been able to give our clients, friends and family, some of the best real estate search systems and property monitoring services available.LEO-Realtors

We hate Spam and know our clients, and probably you, do too.  That is why, with all of our systems, we have a No Spam Guarantee.

If you are signing up for our Southern California property monitoring service, which is Free by the way, you will not also be signed up for a newsletter.

If you are requesting information about a real estate listing that you found on-line, you are not going to also be signed up for our Real Estate video intel reports.

We have so many clients that did a simple on-line inquiry on a real estate syndication website, only to have their personal and private information sold to several real estate agents willing to pay for it.

Our Paris911 real estate systems cannot be compared with Real estate syndication websites.  We are local real estate agents head quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and work directly with those clients that contact our REMAX Team.

Nothing is ever sold, traded or compromised when it comes to your personal and private information.  Be safe – search well and let our team know when you are ready to MOVE.

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